Five - 4 - Five
Raffle giveaway
Each time a UU congregation gets 5 women registered,
each woman gets 5 FREE RAFFLE TICKETS
towards a 24" x 30" canvass Giclee print of this beautiful
" Mystic River " Art by Dana Anderson -- Retails for $600
Don't miss out!
Gather your circle of Five Friends Today!

Other events to anticipate at this year's SWUUW conference include…

    Theme Presentation by "Spirit of Life" Songwriter Carolyn McDade!
    23 Great Workshop Offerings!
    Enriching Opening & Closing Ceremonies!
    Downtown Little Rock "2nd Friday Night Gallery Art Walk"!
    Friday Night "UU Social Gathering" hosted by UUCLR!
    Tours of The Clinton Library and Heifer International!
    Relaxation in the Red Tent Room!
    Chair Massages by "Touching America "
    Sensational Shopping at the Artists' Bazaar
    Fun Saturday Night Entertainment provided by  Emily Kaitz
    Four Great Meals (cooked by someone else)!
    Luxurious Lodging at the Peabody Hotel!
    Fabulous Fellowship with Wonderful Women!
    Get away from it all with your friends and/or your daughters!


SWUUW 2019-20 Brochure

SWUUWCon info

A non-profit organization that supports women through worship, learning, leadership, community and social justice, SWUUW addresses women's issues, explores feminist theology, promotes friendships and celebrates the diversities that make us unique women on our individual spiritual paths. SWUUW is an organization open to all UU women, particularly those women in the Southwest District of the Southern Region of the UUA.


SWUUW aligns itself with the spirit of Welcoming Congregations as depicted by the UUA. All who identify as women are welcome.  Our definition of "women" is expansive and includes anyone who feels that they belong in this space, including those who identify as nonbinary.


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