Helen BondKeynote speaker

Helen Bond

Percussionist of intricate melodies and polyrhythms of West African music / teacher / storyteller / humanitarian and winner of 2015 Jack Benny Arts and Humanities Award. Helen is the Executive Director of Motherland Rhythm Community and the co-founder of the Benkadi Project.

Motherland Rhythm Community is an official 501c3 with Benkadi being part of the work with Motherland Rhythm Community. The Community also offers drum circles, performances and scholarships to classes in the USA. Helen will be sharing her stories of working toward justice, envisioning possibilities of weaving music with humanitarian work, and exploring how we can bring our individual desire for justice into our own communities for the good of all.

SWUUWCon2017 300w2017 SouthWest UU Women's Conference was in Dallas

Women and Teens 13 and older, joined us for an inspiring weekend February 10-12, 2017. Speakers, music, worship, workshops, vendors, fellowship and fun! at the Magnolia Hotel Dallas Park Cities in Dallas, Texas

Post photos on Facebook #SWUUWCon17 or email them to photos@swuuw.org

Greetings from Conference Convener Carol Currie:

Dallas is part of a gigantic metroplex and has a consistent energy about it. We Women at Dallas First Unitarian Church create a part of that energy. It was our pleasure to have you join us here where we raised the Feminine Energy to new heights and learned new ways to share it with our world while still caring for ourselves. We became part of “Hearts and Hands Joining for Justice!”


Sincere thanks to all of the workshop presenters for volunteering to share their time and knowledge.

Workshops will be filled in the order in which registrations are received.

Saturday Morning Workshops, Session AM 1: 10:30 am

AM 1 A: “UU Women's Federation: Voices for Justice” - Rev. Beth Dana

The Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation (UUWF) exists to promote justice and spiritual growth for women and girls. Come learn about the latest UUWF initiatives, and engage in conversation about the future of women and gender justice.

Rev. Beth Dana - Dallas First Unitarian Church - Minister of Congregational Life has led numerous workshops/trainings at the congregational, district/regional, and national levels in UU settings.

AM 1 B: “Your Mask Goes on First: Making Self Care a Priority in our Service Oriented Lives” - Jean Ann Powers

As women dedicated to creating a more loving and just world, we are often met with the challenge of finding the balance between caring for oneself and caring for the world (and its people) around us. This workshop will help identify what creates our imbalance and clarify what we can do to create balance.

Jean Ann Powers - the Pastoral Care Ministry Director at Dallas First Unitarian Church. She is a licensed counselor and has 25+ years of professional experience leading retreats and workshops.


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A non-profit organization that supports women through worship, learning, leadership, community and social justice, SWUUW addresses women's issues, explores feminist theology, promotes friendships and celebrates the diversities that make us unique women on our individual spiritual paths. SWUUW is an organization open to all UU women, particularly those women in the Southwest District of the Southern Region of the UUA.


SWUUW aligns itself with the spirit of Welcoming Congregations as depicted by the UUA. All who identify as women are welcome.  Our definition of "women" is expansive and includes anyone who feels that they belong in this space, including those who identify as nonbinary.


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