SouthWest UU Women


Receive a scholarship to attend… or donate!

SWUUW understands that not all may be able to attend the conference due to financial constraints. We are offering scholarships, simply apply as you register. January 1 is the deadline to apply for a partial scholarship. Each scholarship applicant is asked to pay $75 as a down payment when registering. Scholarship applicants will be responsible for their own travel and lodging costs. 

This year, we have set up a special scholarship fund for women affected by the recent hurricanes. We don’t know how many of our UU sisters have been affected by hurricanes in Texas and Louisiana this year, but certainly we know many have been impacted.  We want them to be able to get away for a women’s spiritual weekend to help them renew their energy. As with the regular scholarships, applicants will be asked to pay $75. For these applicants, lodging may be provided as we are able to do so; they will still be responsible for their own travel. 

Use the form to apply for a scholarship and complete your conference registration. 


We’re asking our membership to donate what they can to help these women that might not otherwise be able to come. We hope we can help at least 10 women to attend that wouldn’t be able to come. For 10 people including hotel, we need to raise $2,250.00. We will ask that they pay $75.00 to confirm their reservation and provide their own transportation to the conference.

If you’re unable to attend the conference, you may help one these of women come. All donations are welcome. We have one donation of $500.00 already. Please help as you are able. Everything helps.

If you would like to support this effort, you can make a donation to the SWUUW Scholarship Fund during your registration or any other time at